Zach Pine Nature Sculpture - Rock Balancing Workshops Heading

Making balanced rock sculptures: an art form, a working meditation practice, a tangible connection to Earth, an avenue for self-discovery and personal growth, a playful exploration of the force of gravity and other laws of physics, a paradigm for solo and group empowerment, a form in which to practice equanimity during collapse and rebuilding, and a joyful and moving way to connect with others and with the environment.

These workshops, which I lead for adults as well as for children or teens, are tailored to the needs and aims of the group, and each individual. I often teach basic underlying principles of physics and aesthetics as they relate to balancing rocks. I invite participants to work in a spirit of playful exploration and free expression, and focus mainly on giving individual guidance as needed. Participants generally enjoy my invitations to make sculptures collaboratively, as well as on their own.

Participants are almost always surprised and delighted by what they learn and create: one woman wrote, "That was truly a gift to take and use over and over again. Thanks so much for opening up my world to rocks and balancing. Very cool!"

To see what a Balanced Rock Sculpture Workshop looks like, see this gallery, and this gallery.

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photo montage of people making artwork at Stinson Beach

Workshop participants creating sculptures

photo montage of Zach Pine and High School students

Sculptures made by workshop participants