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In Partnership With
Wild Zones
San Jose, CA; May 30, 2008

This group of about thirty high-school students from Escuela Popular joined me and Wild Zones co-founders Karen Payne and David Hawkins at Roosevelt Park in San Jose. Getting there was a short city-bus ride for the students of this inner-city charter school.

For more photos, see the event photo gallery.

In 2007, I also partnered with Wild Zones and Escuela Popular, working in different San Jose park.

students arriving

The students, led by Wild Zones co-founder Karen Payne, walked across the grass from the bus stop to our site. Before the students arrived, we unloaded a van-load of natural materials in the deserted playground we used for the project.

Teens making art

After a brief introduction, the students spread out and went to work all over the site.

 teens working together

Almost all the artworks were made in spontaneous collaboration.

Teen smiling at his art
 sculpture of a flower
sculpture of a villa
 Trio of students sitting in front of their art
closing circle

We gathered for a closing circle to discuss our experience and give thanks.

students helping load van

Students helped clean up, and helped load our materials back into the van.