Zach Pine Nature Sculpture - Balanced Rock Sculpture Workshop Invitation Heading



Ninth Annual Balanced Rock Sculpture Workshops
In Berkeley's ACCI Gallery Garden

Two Workshops, Both on Saturday, June 4, 2016:
11:30am-1:00pm and 1:30pm-3:00pm

I'll start with a brief demonstration and introduction to the physics, techniques, and aesthetics of balanced rock sculptures. Then I'll invite you to work in a spirit of playful exploration while I offer one-on-one instruction. See these photos from past workshops at ACCI.

No previous rock balancing experience is required. Everyone's work will be included in the online gallery I create from workshop photos.

Making balanced rock sculptures: an art form, a working meditation practice, a tangible connection to Earth, an avenue for self-discovery and personal growth, a playful exploration of the force of gravity and other laws of physics, a paradigm for solo and group empowerment, a form in which to practice equanimity during collapse and rebuilding, and a joyful and moving way to connect with others and with the environment.

The workshops are held in the garden of ACCI Gallery, located at 1652 Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley, CA, between Cedar and Virginia.

Each session is limited to five students, and ADVANCE REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED. Every past workshop has been full, so early registration is recommended. Contact me to register. Register either for the 11:30am workshop or the 1:30pm workshop. The workshop fee is $20 (one scholarship slot is available in each workshop). All proceeds benefit ACCI (Arts and Crafts Cooperative, Inc.). Bring one rock (any size) to the workshop as a donation, and wear clothes that are suited to sitting on the ground while you work.

I offer other rock balancing workshops and create-with-nature events throughout the year. Sign up for my email list to stay informed. You can also hire me to lead a Rock Balancing Workshop.

photo montage of participants and rock sculptures