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Intel Executive Volunteer Work Day
In partnership with Ulistac Natural Area Restoration and Education Project
Wild Zones, & Santa Clara University Environmental Studies Institute
Santa Clara, CA; March 20, 2008

About 50 Intel executives and staff gathered to help restore the 40-acre Ulistac Natural Area. While others planted native trees and placed protective stakes near plantings, a group of about 20 helped me create the framework for a brand-new Wild Zone. Our goal was to attract more visitors to the Ulistac Natural Area, and provide opportunities for people to create with and connect to nature.

When we arrived, our site between two eucalyptus trees was bare. We first gathered materials, mainly tree limbs and sticks. With enthusiasm and great teamwork, our group dismantled and carried nearly an entire dead pine tree from where it had fallen, about 100 yards away from our site. Following a quick brainstorm to make a plan, we created a 40-foot boat, complete with sail, captain, and ornamental figurehead. At the end of the work day, all the volunteers boarded the boat for a group photo.

Three weeks later, visitors attending the 2008 Wildflower Celebration made art in the brand-new Wild Zone.

For more photos, see the event photo gallery.

men carrying branch
 men carrying tree trunk
boat made from huge branches

Boat made from branches

boat captain made from coconut

"The Captain" made from a coconut found on site

photo of group inside boat