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Sand Globe Extravaganza on Stinson Beach--
Free All-ages Public Sand Art and Play Event

Sunday, June 18, 2017
11am-3pm (arrive anytime)
Middle area of Stinson Beach, California
Near the main parking lot

An RSVP on the Facebook event page would be a big help!
(but no worries if you're not on facebook).

photo montage of people and sand globes

Click here to see a sand globe photo gallery.

Making sand globes feels like magic. Someone said, "It's like making a sand castle in the air." Creating sand art and playing with sand globes brings happiness, and connects us with the earth and each other.

At this event, I'll teach everyone to make sand globes (and encourage them to teach others!) Then, as in all my collaborative create-with-nature events, we'll make a spontaneously evolving art installation on the beach. Non-globe creativity involving sand and people is also encouraged of course! We'll also play cooperative sand globe games like "pass the peas" and "large sand globe collider," and invent new ones.

I've been refining my technique for making sand globes since 2000, and have taught over a thousand people how to make them. Learning to make your first sand globe takes about 5 minutes; it usually takes beginners about ten minutes to make a grapefruit-sized globe.

Sand globe making is spreading over the earth through the project Earth in Your Hands - Sand Globes Worldwide.

By design, the event offers opportunities for everyone to participate and join in however they wish. See the GGNRA Accessibility Guide for more info including free beach wheelchair reservations and ASL interpretation.

Sand Globe Extravaganza on Stinson Beach
Free All-ages Public Event
Sunday, June 18, 2017
11am-3pm (arrive anytime)
Location: Middle area of Stinson Beach
Near the main parking lot
Sorry, no pets allowed on this part of the beach
Event is on, fog or shine!
Bring a picnic (groceries in town), or visit the Siren Canteen on the beach
Consider carpooling (find rides through the Facebook event page) or public transport (Marin Transit)